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Dear guests,
Almost a year ago, Galamadammen complied with the request of the Municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân to make the hotel and restaurant available to refugees from the Ukraine. Our company was busy with the restart, which was immediately stopped. The business is closed down and around 150 refugees were taken in last year with the help of the Salvation Army.
Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine has not improved, if not worsened. The municipality has now asked to extend the shelter for a year. After careful consideration, Galamadammen again complied with this request. Galamadammen is aware of the fact that because of this many people cannot make use of the services and possibilities that the company normally offers. There are few locations in the municipality where so many people can be taken care of at the same time and Galamadammen can thus contribute to this harrowing situation.

Just like last year, the hotel, the halls, the restaurant and the terraces will be available to Ukrainian guests. The swimming pool and sauna are closed and events cannot take place at Galamadammen this year.
Marinas: The marinas, with sanitary facilities under the hotel, remain open during the summer season for renting berths to seasonal guests and passers-by. The general mood of our guests was positive and the sailing season started and ended in good harmony. There are still berths available and for this you can contact
Galamadammen would like to thank everyone who responded so positively and kindly to the shelter last year. The hope for the end of the war remains and in the meantime Galamadammen is not standing still and we are working hard on developments for the future. This is in collaboration with the Penta architectural firm and in consultation with the Municipality and Province.

In March 2022, the Municipality drew up a communiqué for the guests of Galamadammen. You can read this on Communiqué Gemeente Súdwest-Fryslân (in Dutch). If you want to help, have questions or complaints, you can address the Municipality about this by means of. the telephone number or e-mail address indicated by the Municipality.

Communiqué Gemeente Súdwest-Fryslân

We will keep you informed of events here and hope to welcome you again in the future. You can also register below with your email address to stay informed.

Yours sincerely,

Board of Directors Galamadammen


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