New menu Restaurant Galamadammen - Winter

Jan 12th, 2019 New menu Restaurant Galamadammen - Winter

A new year also means a new menu! From Saturday January 12th our new menu will be available for both lunch and dinner.

We offer wonderful winter dishes on our dinner menu, including duck! The new menu offers roasted duck breast with a fresh orange-cranberry sauce, for instance. Or ask us to add duck liver to the Tournedos with Madeira sauce dish. If you are not such a duck lover, there are plenty of other delicious dishes on our menu for you.

Our menu is a bit shorter this winter than what you are used to from us. This way we can guarantee the freshness of our products, even in these winter months. But besides our menu we also serve specials. These vary from time to time, so feel free to ask one of our employees about our specials.